How do I sell my Textbooks Online

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As comfortable as most students are with the Internet, the prospect of selling one’s textbooks online is still fear inducing. It shouldn't be. Certainly it's a tad more involved than waiting in line at the buyback counter, but it should not induce fear. But this extra effort can be well worth your time. Step 1-… Read more »

I will fear the Post Office No More

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As a child I recall my parents and other adults referring to a trip to the Post Office as a nightmare. I recall going there on occasion and being beyond bored as I waited in line for what seemed like hours. The counters were high, I couldn't see anything, I had to stand the whole… Read more »

Things to consider when selling your books online

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For decades the only place to sell back your used books was the campus bookstore. If you were lucky they would buy your books and if you were luckier you might get more than meal money. The Internet obviously changed all that. Now students have access to thousands of potential buyers; eBay alone has over… Read more »

Textbook Buyback Options

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There are few bright spots to spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks at the beginning of the semester. In fact, aside from the knowledge gleaned from those books I can think of only one: selling them back towards the end of the semester and making some very easy money. It is important to note though… Read more »

What affects buyback prices?

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Selling back your textbooks can be the silver lining of many long semesters. Sometimes you can never put that horrible Biology 101 class behind until you actually sell the book back after the final. That Bio class gets the last laugh however when your classmate standing in front of you sells her book back for… Read more »

Learning about the textbook buyback process

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Starting next week we are going to teach you all the things you need to know about the textbook buyback process. Our four part series will cover what affects the buyback prices, how to get the most from your books, what options you have and why the bookstore is not always the best option. The… Read more »

No more guessing how much the buyback value will be

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Few things in life are guaranteed. According to Ben Franklin and a long ago American History class the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. Thankfully after 200 plus years we can now add text buybacks to that illustrious list. More websites and even many bookstores are now offering guaranteed buybacks on certain texts… Read more »