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Taps: Notes from a Nation's Heart
by: Richard H. Schneider
0060096934 / 9780060096939

Book Description:
No song is more intrinsically woven into the American tapestry than "Taps." Composed of a mere twenty-four notes, for nearly a century and a half it has been played to honor our country's fallen heroes, to pay tribute to our flag, and to herald the end of another day in a nation where freedom never sleeps. At one time or another every American has been touched by its haunting melody -- its clear, sad tones conjuring up memories of loved ones lost, instilling hope, bringing comfort and peace.In a work of heart and scholarship, author Richard H. Schneider examines the legends, the history, and the enduring importance of a simple, soaring anthem that was first played in the aftermath of a horrific confrontation on American soil -- the gift of a Union officer to his brave, battle-weary troops. Here the truths and myths of this plaintive bugle call are brought to light, mingled with poignant and stirring recollections of people from all walks of life -- soldiers and civilians, men and women, young and old -- whose lives have been influenced by it. A song for the generations -- past and to come -- its power is unequaled, its legacy is every American's.In these challenging times of tribulation and uncertainty, Richard H. Schneider's "Taps" serves as a reminder of a great nation's struggles and triumphs, offering a balm for the spirit and hope for a new century.

Taps: Notes from a Nation's Heart

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