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The United States Constitution
by: John R. Vile
0313306435 / 9780313306433

Book Description:
• What famous American refused to attend the Constitutional Convention because he smelt a rat?• Why was a Bill of Rights omitted from the original Constitution?• Can a president be sued for actions he takes in office?• On what grounds may Congress punish its members?• Where did the expression separate but equal originate?• Do juvenile defendants have the same constitutional protection as adults?• Is obscenity protected by the First Amendment freedoms of speech and press?• What is the Lemon test?• What is the only Constitutional Amendment that has been ratified by special state conventions rather than by state legislatures? These and many more provocative questions are answered in this easy-to-follow guide that makes learning about the Constitution fun for students. Written clearly, this guide addresses those topics of the Constitution students inquire most about, from its origins and background through the adoption of the 27th Amendment. The information in each chapter is organized in a logical progression to carry the reader along to a basic understanding of the provisions and is peppered with fascinating facts and intriguing legal interpretations of topics of interest to young adults.Ten chapters cover everything from the foundations and purposes of the Constitution to the 27th Amendment. The last chapter, A Walk Through American Constitutional History, uses the question-and-answer format to focus on key dates and events in American constitutional history. A selection of photos complements the text. Appendixes include the 100 questions and answers used by the Immigration and Naturalization Service for prospective citizens; lists of all Speakers of the House of Representatives, Presidents, and Supreme Court Justices from the beginning of the republic to the present; the date of admission to the union and the current number of congressional representatives of the 50 states; and the texts of the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation.

The United States Constitution

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