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The Law of Contracts (Hornbook Series, 4th Edition)
by: John D. Calamari - Joseph M. Perillo
0314211675 / 9780314211675

Book Description:
Offer and Acceptance; Parol Evidence and Interpretation; Consideration; Informal Contracts Without Consideration or Detrimental Reliance; Promissory Estoppel: Detrimental Reliance as a Substitute for Consideration; Contracts Under Seal; Capacity of Parties; Avoidance or Reformation for Misconduct or Mistake; Conditions; Breach and Prospective NonPerformance; Impossibility or Impracticability of Performance; Frustration of the Venture; Risk of Casualty Losses; Damages; Restitution as a Remedy For Breach; Specific Performance and Injunctions; Third-Party Beneficiaries; Assignment and Delegation; Statute of Frauds; Joint and Several Contracts; Discharge of Contracts; Illegal Bargains.

The Law of Contracts (Hornbook Series, 4th Edition)

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