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Smoke and Mirrors
by: S. Jason Cunningham
057810251X / 9780578102511

Book Description:
Smoke and Mirrors is a fast-paced journey through history revealing the secrets that have been hidden behind a web of lies and deceit over the last 2,000 years. A nonfiction book from an emerging author and international expert unveils the hidden reasons behind the U.S. Federal Reserve bank bailouts between 2007 – 2010, as well as dramatic details concerning major historical events impacting lives today. Author S. Jason Cunningham takes the reader on a fast paced journey through history exposing alternate theories, based on historical fact, revealing hidden secrets and ultimately exposing a matrix of deceit leading our world towards a future world war. The author taps into her 18-year career in high-profile international relations, business and conflict resolution within the Middle East and North Africa region exposing inside information to reveal the truths that are hidden behind the smoke and mirrors. Discover fact from fiction concerning some of the most profound events in mankind’s history and set your soul free. Smoke and Mirrors takes you back into the past millenniums of history up to present day, and encourages us to re-examine our most firmly held social, economic, political and religious beliefs. This book exposes secret societies and elite oligarchies and truly “connects the dots” of history with astonishing and shocking, yet truly believable, conclusions. From Julius Caesar to John F. Kennedy to the Rothschild dynasty – from the Roman Empire to the Holy Roman Catholic Church to the NATO alliance – from Nero’s devaluation of the Roman Denarius to FDR’s mandate that all Americans turn in their gold to the 16 Trillion U.S. Dollars in recent bank bailouts by the Federal Reserve Bank – from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to the assassination of Lincoln to the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, Smoke and Mirrors lays the historical ground work, does the analysis, and then reveals the shocking truths so long hidden by powerful people and their story tellers throughout history.

Smoke and Mirrors

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