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Basic Statistics and Pharmaceutical Statistical Applications, Second Edition (Pharmacy Education Series)
by: James E. De Muth
0849337992 / 9780849337994

Book Description:
The first edition of Basic Statistics and Pharmaceutical Statistical Applications successfully provided a practical, easy-to-read, basic statistics book. This second edition not only updates the previous edition, but expands coverage in the area of biostatistics and how it relates to real-world professional practice. Taking you on a roller coaster ride through the world of statistics, Dr. De Muth clearly details the methodology necessary to summarize data and make informed decisions about observed outcomes.What's new or different in the Second Edition?New chapters cover: Measures of association primarily with nominal and ordinal data and and more than 15 tests Survival statistics including actuarial analysis and an introduction to multiple regression with survival data using proportional hazards regression An introduction to the topic of evidence-based practice with discussions of sensitivity and specificity, predictive values, and likelihood ratios Odds ratios and relative risk ratios that provide valuable information for dealing with probability, odds, and risk New sections addressPower and sample size determination for two-sample Z-tests of proportions Clinical equivalence and noninferiority studies, process capability, and tolerance limits Methods for assessing repeatability and reproducibility Expanded information includes: Chi square, repeated measures designs, Latin Square designs, nine multiple comparison tests, and outlier testing Inverse prediction with linear regression, handling of multiple data points at different levels of independent variable, and assessment of parallelism of slopes for two samples Additional types of bivariate correlations and various assessments for independence and randomness More nonparametric tests including new information on post hoc comparisons for a significant Kruskal-Wallis test, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov goodness-of-fit test, and the Anderson-Darling test, as well as runs and range tests Eight new tables useful for the interpretation of some of the new inferential statistics De Muth provides concrete examples that enable you to effectively manage information in your day-to-day problem solving and reporting of findings. By avoiding heavy-duty mathematics and theory, even the mathematically challenged can benefit and increase their confidence in using statistics procedures.

Basic Statistics and Pharmaceutical Statistical Applications, Second Edition (Pharmacy Education Series)

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