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Vampyre Almanac & Codex Eternal Package
by: Michelle Belanger - Katherine Ramsland - Father Todd
0966916921 / 9780966916928

Book Description:
The Vampyre Almanac & Codex Eternal Package includes: The Vampyre Almanac 2000 Edition. 148+ pages. THIS is a newly revised guide to the vampyre scene through the eyes of the Sanguinarium, which is a real life “Vampyre Connection” of nightclubs (havens), organizations, businesses, performers, artists and individuals who live the vampyre lifestyle. This new edition includes: Preface by Katherine Ramsland, author of Piercing the Darkness & Anne Rice biographer. The most complete lexicon of vampyre lifestyle terminology ever complied. The Black Veil, a widely used scroll of vampyre etiquette endorsed by the Vampire Church, House Sabretooth / Sahjaza, Sanguinarius, House Kheperu and the Sanguinarium Council. The Vampyre Calendar from October 31st, 2000 to October 31st, 2001 of occult, vampyre, pagan and special mythical & historical dates. Interviews and BIOS on people who live the vampyre lifestyle. 20+ reviews of nonfiction books about the vampyre community, myth and lifestyle. A complete catalog of vampyre and Sanguinarium jewelry, perfumes, merchandise and artifacts. Over 50 vampyre theme drinks and a story on Absinthe the “Green Fairy." The Vampyre Codex 68 pages, by Michelle Belanger Explore one of the most interesting perspectives of Pranic (consensual and responsible psi vampyrism). Here you will find information on the subtle reality (unseen ether & collective consciousness) and how to interact with it. Exploration of past lives, vampyre views of the Chakras and what makes a pranic vampyre. Also basic meditations and how to defend yourself against manipulative transgressors. As a gift from the first monastery and the high Priestess of House Kheperu, for the first time in print this text is now available to the citizens of the Sanguinarium by the COVICA (Sanguinarium Council). Sanguine Ankh Pendant The Sanguine Ankh is the official sigil of the Sanguinarium, a network of like minded individuals, businesses, nightclubs & events, performers, artists and organizations of the vampyre/vampire community. Those who bear the Sanguine Ankh State they follow the "Black Veil" a code of vampyre etiquette and tradition. It is also a tool of communication stating they follow the vampyre lifestyle and a subtle way to identify others who share the same views. The ankh originally is a cross having a loop for its upper vertical arm and serving esp. in ancient Egypt as an emblem of life (Webster Dictionary). The priests of various ancient Egyptian faiths used bladed ankhs in blood letting rites and ceremonies. Thus it is a fitting symbol of the Sanguinarium. Originally produced by the Sabretooth Emporium and designed by Master Metal Manipulator D'Drennan. The Sanguine Ankh is now exclusively produced by the Coven of Sahjaza and is available through various retailers, websites, organizations and of course with a membership to the Sanguinarium.

Vampyre Almanac & Codex Eternal Package

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