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Don't Be Deceived: The Definitive Book on Detecting Deception
by: Mark McClish
0967999855 / 9780967999852

Book Description:
The methods discussed in this book offer numerous opportunities for an interviewer - be it a parent, a spouse, a boss or a law enforcement official - to detect deception. Without the aid of a machine, there are three ways you can determine if someone is lying; by analyzing how a person phrases his statement, by observing a subject's non-verbal gestures, and by examining a person's handwriting traits. Mark McClish brings these three methods together for detecting deception in his book Don't Be Deceived. People's words will betray them. Mr. McClish's Statement Analysis ® techniques will show you how to examine the language used in a verbal and written statement to determine if the person is being truthful. When a person knowingly tells a lie, it will create a degree of stress which usually surfaces in the form of a body movement. You will learn some of the common non-verbal signs that indicate a person is being deceptive. Don't Be Deceived also discusses several handwriting traits that can show if a person is being dishonest. How letters are formed, how much pressure is used, and how lines of writing are sloped can give us insight into a person's thought process. When individuals are lying, their words, actions, and writing styles can reveal their deception.

Don't Be Deceived: The Definitive Book on Detecting Deception

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