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Bill-Collector Confidential
by: Steve Katz - George Trinkaus
097096188X / 9780970961884

Book Description:
Bill-Collector Confidential is the new perfect-bound quality trade-paperback edition of 2012. Author Katz is an ex-bill-collector turned debtor advocate. Katz: What kind of bill collector was I? This kind: I knock on the the lady's door. This is a walk-up apartment in Brooklyn. She opens up; two kids cling to her skirt. I wave paper at her. If you can't pay your bills, then how can you be a responsible mother? Get your coats, kids, you're coming with me. Of course she runs in terror for her checkbook. I was there to dun her on a $30 furniture payment. That's the kind of collector I was. With equal ferocity the debtor-advocate Katz has become a fighter of bill collectors. Has your telephone become your enemy? Are bill collectors harassing you? Know your enemy, for he's become well armed, and he knows you. This book says says that you, too, can become well armed. Bill collecting has become a rip-off, high-profit business, with you, the debtor, as its target. Also targeting you is an intense advertising campaign by a loan industry posing as debt and credit counseling but really out to sell you more debt. Also targeting you are lawyers with bankruptcy schemes. Bill-Collector Confidential says no to all of that. The bill collector assumes you are ignorant, but if you know how he works and how he thinks, you can take control and get that nuisance promptly off your back. Here are all the strategies, and how you can sue the bill collector and even make some money in this fight. Sue the bastards. Here's how. How to cope with creditors, agents, junk-debt buyers, data miners, skip tracers. What is skipmanship? Learn here how all collectors work. When are they bluffing? (Most of the time, actually). What violations of federal law do collectors perform routinely? Knowledge puts you, not the collector, in the driver's seat. CONTENTS 1. How Creditors Try to Collect 2. Ten Key Creditors, Your Strategies 1. auto loans 2. banks, finance companies, and Payday Loans 3. child support and alimony 4. credit cards 5. doctors, dentists, hospitals, HMO's 6. insurance 7. IRS 8. mortgage lenders, landlords 9. phone, utilities, Internet 10. student loans 3. How Agents Try to Collect 4. Your Strategies for Agents and Junk Debt Buyers 5. How Lawyers Try to Collect 6. Your Strategies for Lawyers 7. Sue the Bastards 8. Coping with the Credit Bureau 9. Skip Tracers and Skipmanship

Bill-Collector Confidential

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