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Battle on the Home Front: A Navy Seal's Mission to Save the American Dream
by: Carl Higbie
0985113715 / 9780985113711

Book Description:
Our beloved America is dying. Old Glory has been kicked into the dirt. Terrorists are on the rampage within our own borders. And we're still sitting around like the three monkeys - see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. But the evil is all around us. And we must wake up and do something about it...now...before it's too late. You'll be shocked by facts author Carl Higbie reveals and statements he makes in this provocative treatise, Battle on the Home Front. The truth is, we have collectively sat numbly by and allowed the destruction of our precious dream. There are too many personal agendas buzzing about Capital Hill. "We the people" need to sit down and read our own Constitution and remember where we came from and realize where we're headed. We've let golden-tongued politicians, power-hungry government, and loud-mouthed liberals lead us down a rosy path of false promises, pie-in-the-sky expectations, and big government giveaways. Now we're paying the piper with a stumbling Wall Street, outrageous taxes, galloping unemployment, escalating debt ceiling, and a myriad other disasters. We have gradually given up our founding beliefs, such as "In God we trust," hard work and personal responsibility, no taxation without representation, the right to bear arms, the freedom of speech, laws that are actually upheld, a balanced budget, and so many others. So what happened? When did we stop defending what we believe? When did we give up our freedoms and rights? When did we become such societal wimps? So strap in, America! It's time to charge into action and take back our homeland from the murderers of our dreams and hopes. It's time to stop making excuses and do something about it. And not tomorrow... today!

Battle on the Home Front: A Navy Seal's Mission to Save the American Dream

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