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Sentence Diagramming Exercises: An Introduction to Sentence Diagramming
by: Elizabeth O'Brien
1475194374 / 9781475194371

Book Description:
These exercises teach you step-by-step how to diagram the eight parts of speech, independent clauses, dependent adverb clauses, dependent noun clauses, dependent adjective clauses, verb phrases, prepositional phrases, gerunds, infinitives, participles, and more. You'll learn grammar and diagramming with these short, simple lessons and exercises, and you'll find all of the answers in the back so that you can easily check your work. These grammar exercises will work for you whether you're a teacher, a student, a writer, an editor, a businessman, a parent, a grandparent, or just a person who loves learning. When you're done with this book, you'll possess a powerful tool for using and understanding language. You'll be able to write with clarity, and you'll actually enjoy grammar. My son just started diagramming sentences. He really enjoys it and says grammar is now his favorite subject! Thanks for inspiring my son and me. - Margaret, Homeschool Mom I have started using your grammar exercises in my writing classes, and the students are quite engaged. - Susan, ESL Teacher I didn't "get" grammar at all growing up, and I was scared of it. Teaching it is terrifying for me. However, diagramming is helping me, so I am teaching it to my students as well. Thank you for inspiring me to love grammar and to feel more confident. - Megan, High School English Teacher I have all your materials, and I think it's all superb. It is a great way to make grammar tuition more dynamic/interactive and less didactic. It also appeals to visual learners. - Terry, Literacy Program Coordinator When I think of the complete breezing-over of this subject in my school years, I'm amazed I can communicate at all. Although I actually get paid to write, I have always felt that my underlying grammatical strength was missing. I love the fact that this material is a confidence-boosting exercise as well as an educational one. I feel more equipped to explore a whole new world of knowledge, simply because I am armed with a fuller understanding of how the sentence works and what the author is saying with style, content, and syntax. - Phil, Writer I find sentence diagramming fun, and my confidence is slowly but surely growing. I think I've missed out on a lot since my teachers never taught me this brilliant way of learning English when I was in school! I would definitely recommend my friends use this method. - Carol, Grammar Lover To be honest with you, the only only way I can stomach studying grammar is through sentence diagramming. I have a "normal" grammar book, but I get so fed up trying to learn all of the rules and the exceptions to the rules. - Elizabeth, (Reluctant) Grammar Lover

Sentence Diagramming Exercises: An Introduction to Sentence Diagramming

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