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CampusBooks.com is a free shopping service that compares prices on new and used textbooks at dozens of top online bookstores. We search dozens of bookstores, thousands of sellers, and millions of college textbooks and general reading books to find you the lowest prices on the Internet. You can also compare textbook buyback and marketplace prices to get the most money when you sell college textbooks.

  • How do I find my book?
    You can search for textbooks by title, author, keyword, or ISBN number. Once you locate your textbook in our database, you can compare prices on your book, or add your book to the book bag so you can compare prices on all of your books at once. We show both new and used textbooks in our price comparisons.
  • How do I order college textbooks?
    After you locate your book, compare prices and click on the book price you are interested in. A new browser will open on our bookstore partner site; from there you just add your book to the cart and check out. For multiple textbook orders, simply repeat the process for each book when you checkout using the CampusBooks.com bookbag.
  • How do I order multiple college textbooks?
    If you need to buy more than one textbook, first search for your book and locate it in our database. After you find your book, click on the 'add to book bag' link to put your book in the book bag. Then repeat the process for each book until all of your textbooks have been added to the book bag. Then compare prices on all your textbooks; we show you the lowest total price from a single bookstore, or the lowest overall price from one or more bookstores. Included in our price results are both new and used textbooks. From there just follow the checkout instructions to purchase all your books.
  • How do I pay for my college textbooks?
    You can pay for your college textbooks with a major credit card like visa, mastercard, discover, or American express. Some stores also accept alternative payments including debit cards, online checks, and paypal. Please see the partner bookstore website for exact payment methods.
  • Is my book in stock?
    When you compare prices on your textbook(s), we show you the real-time availability of that book. There are 4 inventory statuses on CampusBooks.com: Ready to Ship, Ships 2-3 days, Ships 3 days or more, and Unavailable. Only books 'Ready to Ship' are in stock; if you need your book fast then look for books ready to ship.
  • Do I have to pay sales tax on college textbooks?
    Sales tax payments depend on two factors: what state you are shipping the books to, and where the college textbooks are shipped from. To see if you have to pay sales tax on your order, after you compare prices select your state from the drop-down menu and we will calculate the sales tax for your state. Additionally, some states have legislation to exempt textbooks from sales tax. Please consult your state government web site to see if college textbooks are exempt from sales tax in your state.
  • I can't find my book.
    If you can't locate your book in our database, try searching by ISBN number.
    We have over 3 million new and used textbooks and general reading books in our database. If you still can't find your book, then try searching through one of our rare and used book partners: Alibris and AbeBooks

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