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We hope the following information will help you see why the CampusBooks new and used price comparison should be the only way to search for your college.

  • CampusBooks...Your Place to Buy New and Used Textbooks
    CampusBooks.com compares prices for new and used including tax, shipping, coupons and promotions from dozens of bookstores.
  • Sell Your Used Textbooks
    Sell textbooks with the CampusBooks.com textbook buyback price comparison service.
  • Bookstores Included in Our New and Used Textbooks Search
    CampusBooks.com finds used , college , and extremely cheap by searching the following online bookstores in each price comparison.
  • Overseas Textbooks
    It's no secret...college are way cheaper overseas. Why? Because textbook publishers figure since Americans are rich consumers, they should pay more money for everything...including college !
  • Bookstore Shipping Charges
    Because we search other bookstores and do not ourselves sell , your shipping costs will vary depending on which bookstore you purchase from, how many college you buy and which type of shipping you choose. For your reference, here is a summary of the shipping charges from each of our bookstores.
  • Why are college textbooks so expensive?
    College are expensive. Everyone knows that. But not everyone can tell you why they are expensive.
  • Why are college textbooks so expensive (part 2)?
    With student and faculty complaints about the price of college on the rise, student volunteers interviewed faculty and students about the cost of college and their purchasing practices. Key findings from this survey include...
  • How to save money on college
    To really save money on your college , used are the way to go. However when buying used , there are several factors that you need to be aware of...
  • Used textbook descriptions
    An additional factor to take into account when buying used textbooks online is the description of the used.
  • Tips on buying your college on auction web sites
    While most used sold online are purchased at the time of sale, some websites sell used at online auctions. Basically you can get really cheap at online auctions if you have the time to wait for the auction to close.
  • State Legislation Against College Textbook Sales Tax
    Sales tax exemption for college textbooks has been a popular but unsuccessful issue for state legislators, with college textbook tax-exemption bills having failed to pass in 16 states over the last 5 years.
  • Textbook Categories
    Browse Textbooks by category
  • College Textbooks: State of the Market
    The market for college textbooks market is an established, fragmented market that is quickly undergoing fundamental changes
  • College Textbooks: A Political Issue
    Pressure from state legislators is pushing publishing companies to offer cheaper alternatives, including college textbooks with fewer illustrations and graphics, online textbooks, and used college textbooks
  • College Textbooks: A Political Issue
    We search dozens of bookstores, thousands of sellers, and millions of college textbooks and general reading books to find you the lowest prices on the Internet.
  • CampusBooks.com: Total Textbooks Price Comparison
    CampusBooks> compares prices on millions of new and used college textbooks from thousands of sellers at dozens of stores