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Overseas textbooks are such a deal!

It's no secret...college textbooks are way cheaper overseas. Why? Because textbook publishers figure since Americans are rich consumers, they should pay more money for everything...including college textbooks! Just like prescription drugs are cheaper in Canada, English language college textbooks from countries such as England, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are cheaper than their American counterparts. Even with international shipping charges, new UK college textbooks are much cheaper than anything you'll find in the USA, including used textbooks and discount textbooks.

The overseas college textbooks are exact copies of the American editions, usually with the same ISBN number. The textbook publishers simply sell some books to their American distributors, and the rest to their overseas distributors who aren't allowed to ship the books back into the US. However, this doesn't mean you can't buy cheap textbooks from an online UK retail bookstore. Retail textbook prices in the UK are sometimes lower than wholesale USA prices, for the exact same textbook! Some campus bookstores in the USA are even now buying some of their college textbooks inventory online from UK bookstores, such as Amazon UK and others, to resell to American students. They typically sell the new UK textbooks as used textbooks to you, so you don't get suspicious of super-low new book prices. So if your campus bookstore is buying discount textbooks from Amazon UK and reselling to you at a profit, shouldn't you be buying directly from the UK bookstore? Yes, you should and Campus Books makes it easy for you to buy your college textbooks from overseas bookstores without the hassle. We automatically include new and used textbooks pricing from several top-notch UK bookstores in our price comparisons, including Amazon UK and others. If your textbook is available via a UK bookstore, look for the UK flag next to the UK bookstore.

When purchasing discount college textbooks from an overseas bookstore, you can get huge savings but you should be aware of the currency exchange rate and shipping time and costs when buying internationally. We automatically calculate the currency exchange rate on a daily basis, so you can be assured of the most accurate US dollar pricing. Since shipping time is typically longer than with a US bookstore those cheap textbooks are coming across the Atlantic), you should order overnight or express shipping. Although it will cost a little more, you'll still be saving big over the US prices and you'll have your college textbooks when you need them. Also, make sure that you are buying the correct college textbooks because return shipping costs will be higher and you want to avoid international bookstore returns if you can. If you do buy the wrong book, you might even be better off selling it back to the bookstore or using the Campus Books buyback service.