For Those Times When You Need the Book Right Away!

Let's be honest, sometimes we can all run short on time and money. CampusBooks understands that, which is why we stared our business so many years ago: to save students time and money. By bringing college students all of their textbook options on one website, we helped them bypass the time-consuming site-hopping and the wondering if they could have gotten a better deal.

Now we've added a new dimension to saving time and money and obtaining textbooks as conveniently as possible: local search and in-store pick-up. Because sometimes you just need the book now. And when that's the case, we've got you covered.

So what's our new local search all about? Simple: more options and fulfillment on your terms. Now, in addition to seeing new, used, Rental, digital (eBooks), and International editions available to ship to you from online sellers, you can customize the search to include libraries and bookstores near you. Like we said, sometimes you just need the book now. And sometimes, you just want to borrow the book instead of buying it. We get that too.

CampusBooks Local Search is unlike anything else in the industry. Can you imagine walking into a college bookstore and the clerk telling you that your book is available free at the library a block away or at a nearby bookstore? We can't, but we've always done business differently and believed that there was no such thing as too many options or too much transparency. And we trust our customers to make the best decisions for them based on their particular needs and wants.

So go ahead and see what Local Search & Pick-Up is all about. It's available both on the main website and also on our iPhone and Droid apps.

Using Local Search on

On the website, just search for the book that you want and when the results appear, choose the Custom Pricing tab and enter your zipcode or choose your school. If there's a match at a local bookstore or library, the results will appear at the bottom of the page. Just click the Buy Local button and you'll be able to make your local purchase or library hold.

Using Local Search for Mobile Devices:

Our iPhone and Android apps use integrated GPS technology to put you at the center of the search and display results relevant to your location. Of course you can search and buy from online sellers, or if you're in a hurry, see what's in stock at libraries and bookstores nearby.