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Get the most money for your used books. We search dozens of buyback sites to get you the best buyback prices.

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Most textbook buybacks include a free shipping label so you get to keep more cash.

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Buyback companies offer cash, check, PayPal, or store-credit payments so you can get paid fast for your books.

Textbook Selling Tips

  • Compare Buyback Prices: Don’t leave money on the table. Selling your used textbooks at the campus bookstore during buyback is a sure way to throw money down the drain. Not only will you be competing with thousands of students to get a measly few dollars for your book, but you will probably have to stand in line to boot! Smart students buy and sell online. CampusBooks.com is a free service that instantly compares buyback prices at dozens of the top buyback sites. After you search for your book, click on the buyback offer you want and complete your buyback on the buyback merchant website.
  • Search by ISBN: The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique number located on the back of your book that identifies the particular title, author, and edition of a book. Some books have 10-digit ISBNs, others have 13 digits. Searching by ISBN ensures that you will be quoted the correct buyback prices on the exact book and edition you are selling.
  • Check the Condition of Your Book: Most buyback sites only accept used textbooks that are in good condition or better. Before you sell your book, make sure that it has minimal highlighting, little or no cover damage, no torn pages, an unbroken spine, no water or moisture damage, no mold, or other stains or smells. So basically if you used your book to clean the spilled beer in your dorm, then chances are you’re not going to turn that book into cash.
  • Check Supplemental Materials: Some buyback sites won’t buy your book if it is missing the supplemental materials. You can even get a higher price if you have the supplementals. Either way, check the buyback company policies before sending your book back to make sure you are getting the buyback price you are quoted.
  • Avoid Disputes. Occasionally a dispute will arise over the condition of a book. The best way to avoid an annoying dispute is to ensure that your book is in the condition you represented when you were quoted your buyback price. Most buyback companies won’t return a book to you if it doesn't arrive in the expected condition.
  • Sell Early and Sell Off Season. As soon as a new edition of your book comes out, the value of your book decreases dramatically. So you want to sell your book as soon as possible when you are finished with it. The only exception is if you are able to sell your book off season; in other words, sell your book during back-to-school rush in either August or January. This is typically when demand for books is highest, so the prices are higher; very few students are selling their books at this time so the laws of supply in demand kick in in your favor.