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  • How does is a free service that searches the Internet for the lowest prices on new and used textbooks. doesn't sell textbooks; we search over 8 million new and used textbooks, thousands of sellers, and dozens of bookstores in 3 countries to find you the best prices on textbooks.
Buyer's Guide
  • How do I find my book?
    You can search for your book by title, author, keyword, or ISBN number. You can also search your school bookbag to search for your books by department and course listings.
  • How do I order a book?
    After you find your book, compare prices and you will see a table with all the stores that have your book. Just click on the "Buy Now" button for the store you want to purchase from; a new window will open on the merchant site. From there you just add your book to the cart and check out.
  • How do I order multiple books?
    The BookBag allows you to bundle all your books together and compare prices at once to save the most money. Search for your books by ISBN, and add each book to the bookbag. Then compare prices to see the lowest total price on all your books.
  • How do I pay for my books?
    You can pay for your books with a major credit card like visa, mastercard, discover, or American express. Some stores also accept alternative payments including debit cards, online checks, and paypal. Please see the partner bookstore website for exact payment methods.
  • Is my book in stock? displays the real-time availability of your books. Only books "Ready to Ship" are in stock; if you need your book fast then look for books marked "ready to ship".
  • Do I have to pay sales tax?
    Sales tax payments depend on two factors: what state you are shipping the books to, and where the books are shipped from. To see if you have to pay sales tax on your order, after you compare prices select your state from the drop-down menu and we will calculate the sales tax for your state.
  • What's an ISBN?
    ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It's a 10 or 13 digit number used for identification. Every book has its own unique ISBN number. You can find the ISBN number labeled on the back cover of a book, right near the bar code. It's also inside near the copyright information.

    If you know the correct ISBN of the book you are looking for, it will absolutely be the correct book. If your professor or syllabus tells you the ISBN of a book to buy, search for that ISBN because it will always be right. If you are confused about the exact edition, title, or author of your book, get the ISBN number from your Professor, classmate, or directly from your campus bookstore.

    (When you search by ISBN, enter the ISBN number without any dashes like this: 0052305257).
  • I can't find my book.
    If you can't locate your book in our database, try searching by ISBN number. If you still can't find your book, then try searching through one of our rare and used book partners: Alibris and AbeBooks. We have over 8 million books in our database so if you can't find your book, chances are it's not in print anymore.
Shipping and Returns
  • How much is shipping?
    Shipping costs vary depending on which bookstore you buy from, how many books you buy, and if you select standard or express shipping. We automatically include standard shipping in our price comparisons; to calculate express shipping costs, just select your desired shipping method (ground, 2nd day air, or overnight) after you compare prices for your book.
  • When will my order ship?
    We include book availability in our price comparisons. Next to your book pricing, you will see the availability column on the right side of the table. Books listed as "ready to ship" will ship the same day if you meet the order deadline, books listed as "ships 2 - 3 days" will ship within 2 - 3 business days, books listed as "ships 3 days or more" won't ship for at least 3 business days, and books listed as "unavailable" are currently not available from that particular bookstore.
  • Do you offer express shipping?
    Almost all of our bookstore partners offer express shipping. After you compare prices for your book, just select your desired shipping method (ground, 2nd day air, or overnight) from the shipping drop down menu and we automatically calculate your shipping costs into your total price.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    The majority of our bookstore partners ship internationally. If you need international shipping, after comparing your book prices, select international shipping from the shipping drop down menu to calculate worldwide shipping costs.
  • How do I return my book? is an independent shopping service that finds the lowest textbook prices on the Internet, and we do not sell textbooks directly. When you click on a "BUY" link, we hand you off to the store where you place your order. Please contact the store where you placed your order to return your book.
Order Tracking
  • How do I track my order?
    Contact the bookstore partner where you placed your order to find out your order status. Visit the Bookstore page to contact the bookstore you purchased from.
  • How do I cancel my order/item?
    To cancel your order, contact the bookstore you bought from before your order ships.
  • An item is missing from my shipment.
    If you are missing anything from your shipment, contact the bookstore you bought from to report missing items. Make sure you keep your packing list to verify that you are missing items.
  • I never received my order
    If you never received your order, contact the bookstore you bought from to report the issue right away.
Seller's Guide
  • How do I sell my book?
    To sell your book, just enter your ISBN number in our Textbook Buyback search. We search the Internet for the best textbook buyback prices, so you get the most money when you sell textbooks online. Policies
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