Did you know you can insure your student loans against default? That’s right, there are various insurance products that you can purchase that will make your loan payments and/or pay off your loan in case you are injured, deceased, or disabled. As we discussed in a previous blog post, student loans are in flux right now with payments temporarily suspended and proposed loan forgiveness in play but it is still important to have contingency plans in place for your loans in case you are unable to make the payments.Continue reading

There has never been more disruption to the student loan market than during COVID. From loan forgiveness, to loan forbearance, to load modifications, to new loan service providers, to modified payoff schedules, the options and choices seem endless. It’s tough to navigate these waters especially with all of the other ways the pandy has affected your life (in person classes? Remote classes? Masks? vaccines?). In this blog we’ll try to give you a high-level overview of what’s happening and what you can do to best manage the situation based on your individual circumstances.Continue reading

The strangest year in higher education in 100 years is coming to an end, classes are ending, and it’s time to sell your used textbooks again. While things might have looked a lot different on your campus this year (if you were even on campus!), the basics of buying and selling textbooks (also known as “textbook buyback” since the campus bookstores buy back your used book) haven’t changed much.Continue reading

Blogging is an enjoyable way to express yourself, share your knowledge, and strengthen your writing skills in between classes. Two thirds of people’s main reason for blogging is to generate income, while 31% of bloggers successfully earn money from their content. Unlike writing an essay, however, writing for an online audience requires a different set of skills and considerations. By taking the time to hone your writing skills to suit the digital sphere, you’ll get your content in front of a bigger audience and become an all-round stronger writer.Continue reading

Which schools are doing a great job of keeping COVID cases low and staying open? What’s their secret?

More stressful than final exams or roommate disagreements, the pandemic has upturned traditional college expectations. Institutions around the world transitioned to a remote-learning environment, and many saw enrollment suffer because of it. Continue reading