In the latest installment of our Bookmark These blog series, we give a shout out to the wonderful resource that is GreenStudentU. Here’s the scoop:



The Deal in a Nutshell: GreenStudentU understands that the environment is the social cause of greatest importance to today’s college students. That’s why they’ve created a great-looking site that informs and educates students of all interest and knowledge levels. From dorm recycler to off-campus composter to young policy wonk championing change, GreenStudentU has something for you.

About: “Green Student University offers valuable green information and stays up to date with the latest green topics to teach college students about sustainable living practices and worldwide green events. College students are an important audience because the habits and world views that they establish today will provide them with the tools they need for their futures. By informing students of up-to-date ecological concerns and providing the advice they need to tackle these concerns, GreenStudentU will help advance the green movement for both current and future generations.”

What You’ll Find on the Site: A comprehensive green guide on a wide variety of environmental topics that include:

Why We Dig It: Being green is of tremendous importance to everyone at and we’re always on the lookout for cool sites that offer resources all wrapped up in a sweet user experience. GreenStudentU does just that. We learn something every time we visit the site because of the great updated content and we admire the look and feel in terms of the site’s form. And hey, it’s all in the name of a cause that we care about and are involved with. Speaking of, if you haven’t already done so, check out our Being Green Scholarship where you could win a semester’s worth of textbooks.

Bonus Bit o’ Cool: Need to take a break and switch gears from physics to something that uses your brain in a different way? Pop over to GreenStudentU and work your vocabulary muscles and help feed the hungry by making a rice donation for every correct answer. A nice diversion that keeps students sharp and helps feed those in need.


With the term and finals over and June here, we’ve officially moved into summer mode at And sure, we’re working, but we’re also making some time for fun and keeping it light during the off-season. There’s a ton on our radars right now, all sorts of stuff we’re digging and looking forward to as the summer progresses. Here’s a quick roundup of what our staff’s going to be up to, feel free to chime in with the doings that have you stoked.

Lena, Marketing Manager, Baltimore, MD:
1) Hiking with my new dog: I just adopted a pup from the SPCA and she’s a bundle of energy and crazy athletic. I can’t wait to get her out on the Appalachian Trail for some hikes (and to tucker her out).
2) The release of Public Enemies: Crime drama, 1930s period piece, spectacle sets and costumes, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, enough said.
3) Lollapalooza 2009: I love Chicago and this year’s lineup is great. Lots of top big names as well as some of my favorite new and lesser-known bands. I’m really looking forward to The Beasties, Decemberists, Neko Case, TV on the Radio, Kaiser Chiefs, Animal Collective, Gomez, and Fleet Foxes.
4) My first full summer back in Baltimore: Oppressive heat and humidity, crab feasts and beer, snowballs not snow-cones, Orioles games at beautiful Camden Yards, working in my garden. All good — well, maybe not the heat and humidity, but still.
5) World Football Challenge: Not football-football, the football played in the rest of the world: soccer! The World Football Challenge consists of six exhibition games between some of the world’s biggest teams. I’ll be attending the AC Milan vs. Chelsea FC match in Baltimore and I’m freaking out with excitement!

Alex, Founder and Owner of, San Diego, CA:
1) I’m an east-coast guy who lives in California, and summer in CA means spectacular weather and the ocean warming up. I’ll take surfing in board-shorts over surfing in my wet-suit any day.
2) I love being outside, not just hitting the waves, but enjoying the sand in addition to the surf. There’s not much that beats relaxing and camping on the beach and winding down with friends and a bonfire.
3) One of my passions is world travel and learning about the people and places and customs that make this earth so diverse and beautiful. My big trip this summer involves going to Indonesia!
4) Laughter is essential to keeping life on track and matters in perspective. Even the worst of days can be made better with a little silliness, so needless to say, I am really looking forward to my man Sacha Baron Cohen in the Bruno movie.
5) For #5, I’m going out on a limb, but summer’s all about optimism, so here goes: I am really looking forward to the Padres winning a game. There, I said it, let’s hope it’s not a jinx.

Brandon, Programming Guru, Athens, GA:
1) We’ve recently moved into a new house and added a new baby to our family. I can’t wait for our friends and family to check out the new digs and meet our new guy.
2) In addition to hosting friends and family, I’ll be hitting the road and staying with friends and family at their places. The big family event this summer is my brother’s wedding, which should be great!
3) Even with work and the family and the new house, I am really keeping up with my running. I’ve already started planning a couple of half-marathons at the end of the summer as well as some fall races and the big Thanksgiving Day Atlanta Marathon. In order to be fit and make good time, I’ve set a goal of running at least 100 miles each month this summer in preparation.
4) We’re having a blast in the garden so far and feel like we’ve mastered the early stuff like peas, lettuce, and spinach. Now we’re focused on some equally good tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, and even corn throughout the rest of the summer.
5) This is a given because no American summer would be complete without lots of them: outdoor barbecues with lots of friends (adults and kids) in the backyard. Good times for everyone.

Jeff, VP Business Development, Milwaukee, WI (soon to be Chicago, IL):

1) We’re moving to Chicago, and while I can’t really say that I’m looking forward to the moving part itself, I am definitely looking forward to the settling in and enjoying the new house and the city.
2) It gets pretty hot in Chicago and I have two energetic young kids. I can’t wait for some time in the pool with them!
3) I have a lot of friends and family in Chicago and it’s where my wife grew up. It’s going to be great to be close to so many loved ones and enjoy getting together at the new house and getting back into all the city has to offer.
4) Did I mention the move and my two energetic little kids? Right. So let’s just say that sometimes the best way for me to relax is to do some work. I have some new ideas for, cool stuff that helps students save even more money, more thoughts on scholarships and free textbooks, and Lena and Alex and I are working hard to take to an even higher green standard. It’s exciting stuff and it’s all in the works and coming your way soon.
5) Amidst all of this activity and planning, I gotta be honest: I am really looking forward to getting in some sweet summer naps.