More thoughts on survey results

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Sometimes there are things even I have trouble understanding. Shocking but true. Take for example some of the results from a recent survey on buying textbooks conducted by Every time I think about it I get more confused as to why more people don’t purchase their textbooks online. There is no good reason why… Read more »

CampusBooks Survey

Posted by & filed under Uncategorized. recently conducted a survey of textbook buying students and the findings were quite interesting. The survey confirmed some of my long held beliefs when it comes to the textbook buying public but there were also a couple of surprises. The results won’t necessarily make the latest edition of Scientific America but they were pretty… Read more »

Textbooks In the News

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College textbook season is in full swing. We are excited to release the finding from our student survey. Additional results will be shared through our blog. Please enjoy reading about Saving Money on Textbooks During Back-to-School.

Summer Melt

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As mentioned in my last blog I didn’t spend the entire summer lounging around watching movies and catching up on my book list. I wouldn’t be very helpful if I didn’t keep my ear to the pavement to stay aware of new ways to help college students pay for tuition, books, rent, etc. I try… Read more »