The tradition of spring break is celebrated every year by adventure-seeking young Americans across the nation. Are you familiar with the story of how it all (may have) started? Rumor is, during the winter of 1717, a young Benjamin Franklin was attending formal school in Boston. While he enjoyed his studies, Ben’s curiosity in exploring the world could not be contained to leather-bound books and old professors with white beards. The brutal Boston winters made him yearn for warmer weather, and so he set his sights on the fun and sun of the south. And so, the nation’s first spring break was born (ahem, maybe). Since that time, college students have followed in Franklin’s footsteps by flocking to warm destinations for a little fun and sunshine after the long winter months. Franklin was nothing if not clever and always prepared, so follow in his footsteps and get organized for spring break.

Pack This, Not That: Of course you’ll be spending most of your time in the sun, so beach gear is a must. Sunglasses, sandals, board shorts, bikinis, coverups, beach bags, and floppy hats must make their way into your suitcase. Don’t forget to grab a tube of sunscreen to keep yourself from looking like a lobster after your first encounter with sunlight in months. When the sun goes down, you’ll want to look your best for whatever the night will bring. Dress to impress by bringing along a few items from the fancy side of your closet.

Really? Five Pairs of Shoes? For many, the art of packing is as elusive as constructing those little origami paper cranes. Fear not. First, collect your supplies and prioritize. Start by categorizing the items into three groups: yes, maybe, and no. The essential things should go in the “yes” pile. And then, you know the stuff that looks pretty but will only sit in the bottom of your bag because it doesn’t fit right? Yeah, all that needs to go in the “no” pile. What’s left over is the “maybe” pile. The goal should be to keep everything limited to one suitcase for ease and avoiding baggage fees. If you can manage that, your spring break travel will be lighter and your forearms will be happier. Remember to leave room for any souvenirs and gifts you want to bring back with you.

Mobile: Protecting your mobile devices from surf and sand is imperative. The cellphone accessory market is huge and there is no shortage of sweet T-Mobile accessories that will protect your phone from the elements. Don’t forget a reliable charger for your road trip, either. While you’re at it, put your smartphone to use and download a guide like the Drink Tracker app to easily and accurately calculate your blood-alcohol content (and remember to alternate your alcoholic drinks with water to keep hydrated and avoid a nasty hangover). Finally, make sure you’re prepared to end the night strong. Download the Taxi Magic app to your smartphone to book your ride home quickly and easily.

And Go! So now that you’ve honored the origins of spring break and prepared yourself from head to toe, you’re ready to get outta Dodge. You’ve waited all winter and you deserve this; when you get back to reality, it’ll be time to hit the books again, so go have fun and go make old Ben Franklin proud.