If you haven’t noticed (or you’re trying really hard not to), August is right around the corner, and with August comes the end of summer break and time to get into serious mode. With back-to-school on the horizon and the economy still in a rough patch, no one can afford to pass up the chance for some financial aid or a stimulus package. That said, CampusBooks.com and our friends at Beans for Books have teamed up for the Being Green Scholarship wherein we’re giving away a semester’s worth of textbooks as well as other textbook scholarships and a Kindle Digital Reader!

Now, you may have heard us mention all of this before. But, well, maybe that was when we kicked off the scholarship on Earth Day way back in April, and you thought, “Hey, I have plenty of time to enter, no hurry.” And then maybe you heard us mention it again but thought, “Cool, I really gotta get around to that, but I’m on summer break and I’ve got until the end of July to enter.” Right, makes sense, but now it is the end of July and there are just a few more days left to enter. So wait no longer lest you pass up this opportunity.

Applying for the Being Green Textbook Scholarship is low stress with a potential for high payoff. The bottom line is simple: Students have a chance to save some big green on textbooks by expressing (via essay or video) what being green means to them. The grand-prize winner will receive a semester’s worth of textbooks (up to $500) and three runners-up will each receive $100 worth of textbooks. One random entrant will win a Kindle Digital Reader. But as I said, time is running out and entries must be received by midnight PST on July 31, 2009 (yeah, that’s Friday, this Friday).

Winners will be selected by our friends at Beans for Books by 09/30/09 and notified by 10/15/09. All books for the winners will be acquired by Beans for Books and an emphasis will be placed on acquiring money-saving environmentally responsible used textbooks and eBooks whenever available. Entering is totally east and completely worth it. I mean, who couldn’t use some green to help pay for their books for an upcoming term? Exactly. So that said, enter now before it’s too late.

In the midst of summer (but mindful of the new fall term quickly approaching), the last thing we want is for anyone to be tethered to a computer and spending more time on indoor errands than outside enjoying the sun and friends and family. To help you get the info you need and keep you on the go and free to enjoy the weather and the good times, we’ve cranked out some technology to help you get real-time textbook price quotes on the fly.

In addition to our regular site-based search right here at CampusBooks.com, we’ve rolled out an iGoogle Gadget and Real-Time Price Tweetbacks. Check ’em out, load ’em up, and get acquainted so that you can get real-time price quotes without being shackled to a desk. And remember that the earlier you get your ISBN information and order your books, the more cash you’ll save and the more eco-friendly used books you’ll get. That said, make your price checks and orders quick, easy, and mobile by adding these two convenient apps:

For your laptop or smartphone with browser, add the CampusBooks.com iGoogle Gadget. Cool, now you’re always just a click away from the latest info on the best textbook deals.

For Tweeps who prefer information via text/SMS (standard carrier rates apply), you can set up Price Tweetbacks in a few easy steps:

  1. Follow CampusBooks on Twitter and send a text message to Twitter at 40404 w/the following: “Follow CampusBooks” (a one-time setup).
  2. Once confirmed and activated, send CampusBooks a direct message via the Web or text Twitter (40404) with the following: “D CampusBooks ISBN” (both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 are supported).
  3. CampusBooks.com will respond with the lowest price and a link to purchase the book then and there.