Sometimes we find ourselves so busy with the business of saving students money on textbooks and finding new ways to help them get more cash when selling their books back that we forget about some of the other useful stuff of on our website.

Since last we blogged, we’ve developed some really cool tools for students to use and we were reminded of a goldmine of resources on the site. Let’s take a minute to catch up and hopefully all of these offerings will come in handy as you hunker down to some studying.

First off, we totally revamped our iPhone app and added an app for Droid. Both put all of the buying and selling power of in the palm of your hand wherever you go and however you connect. Definite downloads.

Second, with mobile capabilities on our minds, we added local library and bookstore inventories to our search results so you can see if your books are available nearby and ready for pickup. And yep, you’ll see this functionality on our website and our smartphone apps.

Third, we did some general site maintenance and were reminded what a treasure trove of info and links we have, including pages and pages of academic resource links spanning the entire education spectrum. From information about study skills to discounts on software for students to whether an online degree is right for you, it’s all here.

Finally, we updated our big college bookstore directory with even more schools. Here you can find your campus bookstore’s hours and contact info, shop online at their site, and see for yourself just how much you can save on textbooks when you comparison shop with