Exam season can test the nerves of even the coolest, calmest students. Stress levels soar, anxiety is common, and most students feel perpetually exhausted. So how can you handle this emotional time of year? Try these super exam time strategies!

Make a Plan

Getting through exam season with good grades and minimal stress rarely happens by accident. Creating a clear plan increases your chance of success. The more specific your plan, the better. Knowing what you’re doing helps you feel more in control.

Mark out your exam schedule first. Double-check dates and times. Discuss any conflicts with your professors as soon as possible. Use your exam schedule to plan your study regime. Allow extra time for your weakest subjects.

Stick With Healthy Habits

Healthy habits are easily broken during exam season. Late-night cram sessions seem to make more sense than sleeping. And how would you get through them without junk food, sodas, and sugary snacks? You reason you’ll take better care of yourself once exam season’s over, but by then it will be too late.

Your brain can’t function well without good food and sleep. Eating regular meals packed with vitamins and minerals improves memory, alertness, and focus. Your brain can’t form or maintain the pathways it needs to learn and make memories when it’s deprived of sleep. Sleep-deprived people also can’t concentrate or respond as quickly as well-rested people. Sleep seven to nine hours each night for the best results.

Proper hydration is also important for staving off headaches and staying alert. Coffee is every student’s secret exam weapon, but it’s dehydrating, like other caffeinated beverages. Alternating your cups of Joe with water keeps you hydrated.

Take Time Out

You’ve probably heard from parents and teachers that studying should be your top priority during exam season. While studying certainly matters, it shouldn’t occupy your every waking moment. If you become too obsessed with studying, your stress level could impair your memory.

A little stress is an effective motivator, but keep it in check. When you feel overwhelmed, take time out to regain some balance. Do something that calms you down, such as practicing yoga, coloring, or reading a novel. As little as 30 minutes of “me time” makes a massive difference.

Talk About It

Bottling your emotions can trigger depression, anxiety, and social isolation. Reduce the risks by talking about exam time and your emotions with trusted family and friends.

Friends can be good sounding boards as they’re in the same boat. As you discuss your shared experiences, you’ll feel less alone. You might even be able to share some study tips. A little venting is fine, but watch out for conversations that fuel your stress. If chatting makes you feel more worried about your preparation about the exams ahead, it’s not productive.

Older siblings who’ve graduated from college, student counselors, teachers, and understanding parents may also help support you through your exams. Open up and you might be surprised who’s there for you.

Getting through exam season might seem impossible, but don’t lose hope. These proven strategies should help you survive this trying time relatively unscathed!

It’s your last year of college, and you have a full-blown case of senioritis. Your coursework is the last thing on your mind. All you can think about is what’s next. But before you graduate, you need to finish your classes, get some work experience, and spend quality time with friends. Find out how to combat senioritis and pass your final year of college with flying colors.

Organize Your Life

As a college senior, you’ve already been juggling a zillion activities and balancing a packed schedule for three years. You’re probably ready for a break.

As tempting as it might be to let a few things go during your senior year, don’t give in. Instead, come up with a game plan that will make you feel less stressed and more organized. Think about setting one big goal for each month. Plan to finish grad school applications or meet with your school’s career services team — one step at a time.

Know What Motivates You

Tapping into your motivation during your senior year of college isn’t always easy. What you have to realize, however, is that getting and staying motivated only gets harder as you add more to your plate.

That’s why it’s so important to find out what motivates you now so you can keep pushing yourself when you really need to. Maybe you love surprising yourself with how much you can accomplish. Perhaps you get a kick out of making your family proud. Either way, find out what works for you now and use it to motivate you this year and beyond.

Conquer Your Fears

Everyone has fears. Even if you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished in college, doubts in the back of your mind could prevent you from doing your best this year or in the future.

To move past your fears, assess what they are and face them. Maybe you have imposter syndrome or are nervous about committing to your first year-long job. Talk with your adviser, your friends, and those you trust and get to the bottom of the problem so you can move forward.

Keep Building Your Network

Senioritis has a way of making you feel like you’ve already done enough. When it comes to growing your network, however, there’s always more to do.

Throughout your senior year, make time to connect with professors over coffee. Get to know your adviser better. Join a new professional group at school and attend all the events. Being extra social might seem exhausting, but the connections you make will be worth it.

Make Time for Self-Care

Even when you’re organized and motivated, surviving your senior year can be tough. Avoid being too hard on yourself, even if you don’t get straight A’s or you’re still on the waitlist for your dream grad school program.

To skip feeling overstressed, make time for self-care. Do what makes you feel good. Let yourself take a nap in the middle of the day, hit the gym every afternoon with no exceptions, or treat yourself to your favorite meal once a week.

Staying sane during your final year of college is as easy as following these five easy steps. Keep senioritis at bay, and you’ll finish your college career ready to conquer what’s to come.