Two big announcements coming at you in this installment of the Blog, and the good news is related so get ready to double up, especially if you love technology like we do.

First off, we’ve added an iPhone app to our suite of beyond-the-website offerings. So now, in addition to the iGoogle Gadget and the Twitter Price Tweetbacks, you can also get real-time price comparisons (and so much more book info) via iBookStore, our free app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s awesome and puts the power to save big on books in your hands wherever you are.

We released the app recently and we’ve already rolled out an updated-and-revised version. That’s the nature of technology, right? Capabilities increase, expectations escalate, and everything Internet-driven needs to grow and change not just with the times but often ahead of them and in anticipation of them.

And that brings us to our second bit of news wherein we announce a design contest for the iBookStore app in anticipation of upcoming releases! Yep, if you’re a graphic designer, here’s your chance to win some cash, hone your skills in the hot iPhone-app arena, and add to your portfolio!

So, that’s our two announcements for now. If you’re not a designer, but you’re a book person who loves your savings (and your iPhone), download the iBookStore app to see how much you can save (and to play around with award-winners, bestsellers, lists, and other fun features). There’s a lot of cool content there, and as I wrote, we’re already working on updates and enhancements. If you are a designer, definitely check out the contest and submit your work. We want to see you get creative, so don’t be afraid to be bold and daring!