Have you seen this infographic? It’s absolutely amazing . . . and it raises questions, questions we’d love you to weigh in on.

  • How many of your classes remain traditional in-the-classroom physical courses for which you must be present?
  • Of those, how many regularly connect for presentations or after-class Web-based collaboration or interaction?
  • Do any of your professors still rely solely on the printed syllabi and handouts or are the syllabus and readings online?
  • And what of textbooks? Any online platforms your profs favor? Do any of your profs favor eBooks over print? Does Blackboard still reign supreme?
  • When was the tipping point for you and your education? Was there a point you can identify where things went digital and Web based?
  • What about social networking? Do any of your courses use groups, fora, rings, or other types of social networks?


Via: OnlineEducation.net