There is no shortage of book reading apps available in 2023.  As eBooks and eReading go from strength to strength, more and more apps are being launched that will appeal to various audiences.

We have compiled a list of the twelve best book reading apps out there today.  Some are established players in the market, but others are new or cater to specific audiences, so we will also tell you what each app is particularly good for.  Whereas some apps are designed for a particular kind of eReader device, these twelve apps are all designed to be used on most smart devices, meaning they are universally useful as well as being the best out there right now.  Read on for more information on the best book reading apps of 2023!

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As soon as the semester wraps up, students prepare for the next stage. At this point, those old textbooks transform from an asset into a hindrance.

Unless you want to keep them around for future reference due to their high academic value, old textbooks do little more than clutter your home and accumulate dust on your bookshelf. But donating them is also something you may be reluctant to do—they cost lots, after all.

The solution? Selling your textbooks.

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