Reduce, Reuse, Recycle . . . Renew and Rejuvenate for Spring!

After a long winter filled with some of the harshest weather we’ve seen in a long time, spring is nearly here! Every time we see a patch of green or hear a bird chirping nearby, things feel a little easier and like we’re about to turn the corner and enjoy warmer weather, sun, and longer days. And what could be more spring-like than being mindful of a green lifestyle? Exactly, that’s why we’re presenting our segue to spring, complete with green links we love (and hope you will too), in this installment of the blog.

Indispensable Green Website: GreenStudentU is an awesome site that really has it all, everything from living greener on campus and to making a difference as a global citizen. And it’s all geared to college students, the very people who are at the heart of positive environmental change. Love it.

Indispensable Green Website: Red, Green, and Blue is cool because it’s all about strength through unity and putting aside political differences and ideologies to discuss and debate environmental issues. And when the discussion gets a little heavy or you’re feeling like you need a laugh with your thinking, visit the Cartoons section for some editorial funnies.

Indispensable Green Website: GlobalStewards is a no-nonsense site that for more than a decade has been providing tips for living a sustainable lifestyle. There’s a terrific amount of useful information here on everything from personal finance to gardening to eco-travel. Their Eco-Tips page is a must-bookmark for sure.

Hot Links for Green School Supplies: Inhabit’s Eco-Friendly School Supplies piece presents some super-sharp environmentally righteous gear for school. And because Inhabit is a design site with an eye for the green, you know this is some good-looking and highly functional stuff as well as eco-savvy. If you’d like more suggestions for eco-friendly school supplies, check out this list from Real Simple and this one from TheDailyGreen.

Green Gifts for Moms, Dads, and Grads: We all know about the winter holiday season in December, but there’s also one in spring. With Mother’s Day, Graduation, and Father’s Day close at hand, why not go green and shop early so you can stress less come finals time? For the greenies on your spring gift list, has an expansive selection of eco-friendly gifts, including some really creative stuff made from objects that would have otherwise been wasted.

And a final word about keeping it green this spring: remember that used textbooks are at the heart of keeping prices down and deforestation to a minimum. Do your green part and when you’re done with your textbooks, sell them back so that another student can save and another tree can stand tall.

Have a happy and healthy and successful spring!