Textbook Varieties, Part 1

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Much like apples, textbooks come in many different varieties. I am not writing of simply new and used- the green and red apples of the textbook orchard. Today's student has their pick of more than just a new or used edition. Additional choices include: International editions which might be significantly less expensive, Teacher's editions which… Read more »

How do I sell my Textbooks Online

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As comfortable as most students are with the Internet, the prospect of selling one’s textbooks online is still fear inducing. It shouldn't be. Certainly it's a tad more involved than waiting in line at the buyback counter, but it should not induce fear. But this extra effort can be well worth your time. Step 1-… Read more »

I will fear the Post Office No More

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As a child I recall my parents and other adults referring to a trip to the Post Office as a nightmare. I recall going there on occasion and being beyond bored as I waited in line for what seemed like hours. The counters were high, I couldn't see anything, I had to stand the whole… Read more »