I will fear the Post Office No More

As a child I recall my parents and other adults referring to a trip to the Post Office as a nightmare. I recall going there on occasion and being beyond bored as I waited in line for what seemed like hours.  The counters were high, I couldn’t see anything, I had to stand the whole time as my mother or father had packages in their arms.  It was horrible and for many years I had a phobia about going to the Post Office.  I have come to learn that I was not alone. I fear students are out there whose fear of the Post Office prevents them from selling their books online.   Students who would love to make more on their buybacks, but for whom the mere thought of going to the Post Office is paralyzing.
Having overcome my fear I hope to help others overcome theirs.  Hopefully after reading this, your fears will be laid to rest as the Post Office is not a scary place.  Most of the time people are nice and the worst part about the experience is waiting in line. Before heading off though you’ll need to do some preliminary work.  Let’s say you need to ship some books off to Portland.
Step 1, you first need to know when they need to arrive in Portland.  Someone is paying good money for your books and they expect them to arrive by a certain date.  That date might be next month, or next week, but you will need to know it.  Write down the date and the address.
Step 2 is to find a box for the book(s) or if you are mailing a light paperback any large envelope will do.  If you have one lying around that is in good shape put the books in it and seal it.  If you don’t have a box lying around don’t worry about it.  You can get it at the Post Office, but don’t forget the date and shipping address.
Step 3…the Post Office.  Take a deep breath, hold your box or books tight and walk through the door with your head held high.  More than likely you will have to take a number and wait in line.  But, that’s ok because you’ve done that before. While you are waiting there, take advantage of the time and look around.  Familiarize yourself with the surroundings.  If you don’t have a box, take a look at what they have.
Step 4…you are at the front of the line and they just called your number.  Don’t panic. Calmly approach the counter.  Take a deep breath and explain to the clerk that you need to mail this package to this address by this date.  The clerk will then weigh it, and quote you a few price options for delivery.  If the book needs to arrive ASAP you’ll be paying a little bit more for next day air.  If the buyer doesn’t need it right away the slowest, cheapest option, is known as media mail but can take 10 to 14 days to arrive.
All that is left for you to do is pay for your postage and box that you bought to ship the book(s) in.  That’s it.

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