5 Easy Steps to Make Your Dorm Room a Cozy Spot to Study

5 Easy Steps to Make Your Dorm Room a Cozy Spot to Study

Contrary to popular belief, studying isn’t the hardest thing in the world. With the proper routine and thirst for knowledge (and good grades), studying in your dorm room can be your next best college hobby.

Usually, there’s the option of studying in libraries or classrooms where seeing others reading will drive you to do the same. But what happens when these options aren’t available? It becomes more crucial to make your dorm room comfortable for reading, and today, we’ve got 5 easy ways to make your dorm room a sweet spot for learning.

1. Keep Your Room Neat and Tidy

Okay, first you have to tidy up the room if you want to get anything done. You might think that noise from neighbors is distracting, but even a cluttered room can render any study plan useless. So, before opening your books, you must get rid of junk, decide what to do with old textbooks you don’t need, and clean up your dorm room.

With all the clutter out, no distractions will keep you from studying. A tidy room also creates a positive environment that energizes you to be productive.

Keep Your Room Neat and Tidy

2. Ensure Proper Lighting

When it comes to studying, it’s all about the atmosphere. You will only make progress if you try to study in a dim and dull room. So, during the day, open up those curtains to let as much natural light into the room as possible.

For night-time study sessions, use white light bulbs instead of yellow bulbs, as they create a more vibrant look in the room.

Ensure Proper Lighting

3. Set Up a Reading Desk

Everyone needs a study desk, so get one before you create a study routine. Simply reading on the floor doesn’t count, and trying to study on the bed only brings regrettable nap sessions. In essence, you need a reading space to study without discomfort.

Set Up A Reading Desk

4. Find the Right Balance Between Comfort and Focus

For effective studying, you must balance staying comfortable and remaining focused on your work. You don’t want to be too comfortable, so always avoid the bed. At the same time, you don’t want to experience discomfort that forces you to shut your books. So be sure to use a pillow for your back while sitting on a chair.

Find the Right Balance Between Comfort and Focus

5. Keep the Noise Out

Finally, the only sounds you need to hear while studying are your thoughts of memorizing the courses you’re reading. If you have noisy neighbors or roommates, it’ll be difficult to process anything. A good idea is to get noise-canceling headphones that block outside noise.

Also, you can listen to soft and focused music to keep you in the zone for the duration of the study session.

Keep the Noise Out

Wrapping Up

Your reading environment and atmosphere significantly impact how much studying you can accomplish. The cozier your dorm room, the better it is for learning.

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