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Have you ever noticed when perusing the bookshelves at University of Hawaii Bookstore that many books have the same titles and even similar covers? For example, there may be five sections of Biology 110 offered during any given term at University of Hawaii and they all seem to use books that look similar and are called .Intro to Biology.. The only way to be sure buying the correct book is by matching the ISBN on your syllabus with the ISBN of the book. So get that ISBN and use it! Punch those digits into the search-and-comparison tool to find out if University of Hawaii Bookstore has the exact book you need in stock, how much it costs, and how to get it for less.

University of Hawaii Manoa Bookstore
2465 Campus Road
Honolulu HI , 96822
Hours Mon-Fri 8:15-4:45, Sat 8:15-11:45
Phone 800-842-6657