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Rent Textbooks

Go Green and Save Some Green

Don't buy college textbooks when you only need them for a term. Rent books instead!

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Compare Textbook Rental Prices from These and Many More Merchants

Saving Students Money Since 1999
Renting books is a money-saving option in the fight against high textbook prices. With textbook rentals, you pay to use the book for a specified duration (a collage semester, a quarter, etc.) and you return the book at the end of that time. Because you won't be keeping the book, you pay less up front. Search for you textbook, choose your rental term, pay for the book, use it, return it. It's good for you, other students, and the environment.
Not sure if rental is right for you? Let us help by educating you about the rental process and your options. Get the scoop on why renting benefits students and who the rental companies are and about their policies. Of course the most-compelling thing about textbook rentals is the savings compared to buying books. To see for yourself, search for a book and prepare to be wowed by the phenomenal prices!
Is Textbook Rental Right for You?
  • YES if...
    • You like your savings all at once up front (often 80% or more off new-book price).
    • You don't want to keep the book when the term is finished.
    • You take good care of your books and are cool with moderate or little highlighting.
    • You care about the environment and recycling and the earth.
  • NO if...
    • You tend to make a lot of marks in your books or you damage or lose them.
    • You need all supplements such as CD-ROMs, workbooks, and access codes.
    • You want to keep your books for future reference.
    • You rely on getting some cash back at end-of-term buyback.

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