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Buy Vs. Rent

Let the CampusBooks Buy Vs. Rent SuperBot determine if it’s cheaper to buy or rent your textbooks. Let us help you make the right decision.

Free Round-Trip Shipping

Textbook Rentals include free shipping when you get the book and when you send it back so there are no hidden costs.

Buy Option & Grace Period

Most rental companies offer you the option to purchase your book and they offer a grace period for returns so you can avoid late fees.

Total Textbook Rental Price Comparison

  • Search dozens of textbook rental sites to find the lowest rental prices.
  • Buy Vs Rent: patent-pending SuperBot tells you if it’s cheaper to buy or rent your textbook
  • Rent Textbooks for 30 to 150 days.
  • Rental price includes tax, shipping, and coupons if applicable.

Textbook Rental Tips

Make sure that you rent the right textbooks at the best price in time for the first day of class.

  • Check the ISBN :Many books have the same title and many authors have the same name. The best way to ensure that you get the exact book you need is by searching by ISBN (International Standard Book Number). This number is unique to that particular edition of that title by that author. Some books have 10-digit ISBNs, others have 13 digits. No worries, CampusBooks.com search engine can handle both.
  • Choose Your Rental Term. Textbook Rentals vary by company. You can rent a book for a month or for an entire semester. Use the CampusBooks filters to choose the rental term that meets your needs.
  • Check Supplemental Materials: Not all textbook rentals include supplemental materials such as CDs/DVDs. Read the seller's description and check with the rental company prior to renting to make sure that you get the supplementals if you need them.
  • Access Codes: Rented textbooks are used textbooks, so if the original buyer or renter used the access code, then the book won’t have the access code. If you need the access code, then you probably need to buy the new textbook. In that case, CampusBooks can find you the lowest price on the new book and help you recoup the most money when you sell your used book.
  • Highlighting, Note taking, and Writing in Your Book: Most rental companies don’t allow you to mark or annotate the rental book in the same way you would if you owned the book so be careful not to write in or highlight or you might have to pay for the book in full. If you are the type of student that likes to highlight or to write in your book, you should probably buy a used textbook.

Is Textbook Rental Right for You?

YES if...

  • You like your savings all at once up front (often 80% or more off new-book price).
  • You don't want to keep the book when the term is finished.
  • You take good care of your books and are cool with moderate or little highlighting.
  • You care about minimizing your impact on the environment.

NO if...

  • You tend to make a lot of marks in your books or you damage or lose them.
  • You need all supplements such as CD-ROMs, workbooks, and access codes.
  • You want to keep your books for future reference.
  • You rely on getting some cash back at end-of-term buyback.