Textbook Varieties, Part 1

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Much like apples, textbooks come in many different varieties. I am not writing of simply new and used- the green and red apples of the textbook orchard. Today's student has their pick of more than just a new or used edition. Additional choices include: International editions which might be significantly less expensive, Teacher's editions which… Read more »

How to get the most from textbook buyback

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In the past, students were beholden to the campus buyback counter as the only outlet for their old books. Now however there are so many options online students no longer have to accept making pennies on the dollar for their used textbooks. Enterprising students are able to profit from their books, sometimes earning wads of… Read more »

No more guessing how much the buyback value will be

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Few things in life are guaranteed. According to Ben Franklin and a long ago American History class the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. Thankfully after 200 plus years we can now add text buybacks to that illustrious list. More websites and even many bookstores are now offering guaranteed buybacks on certain texts… Read more »

The World of Price Comparison

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Textbooks are expensive. It is a fact if not a universal law. Thankfully in the 21st Century there are more options other than your campus bookstore. There are in fact dozens of options online where one can shop for the best price on their books. The same is true when it comes time to resell… Read more »

Is Amazon my only option for textbooks?

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Amazon.com is an amazing website. One can purchase just about anything on there . . . gardening supplies, clothing, furniture, electronics, books, and even textbooks. In fact more and more students are turning towards Amazon.com as a one-stop Internet shop for all their needs. And why not order your textbooks from there? It beats waiting… Read more »

What is a used textbook and why would I want one?

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Today’s entry is going to be short and to the point. In the most general sense a ‘Used Textbook‘ can be classified as any book that isn’t brand new. Now, why might you want one? Again it doesn’t take much insight into the world of textbooks to understand. Simply put, they are usually cheaper. Much… Read more »

Environmental Karma

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What if you could balance out every bad thing you’ve ever done by paying a couple cents to offset it? Well of course you can’t offset every bad thing you’ve done! However, now you can at least offset the bad things you do to the environment when you have books shipped to you! One of… Read more »

Save Green, Go Green

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Pick your textbook, rent it for the semester at a fraction of the purchase price, send it back for free–plant yourself a small forest by the end of your college career! This ambitious eco-friendly claim can actually be realized if students rent their textbooks from CampusBooks.com bookstore partner, Chegg.com. Chegg.com is now making it easy,… Read more »

The Five Tenets of Foolproof International Edition Purchasing

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International editions are a godsend for people who prefer low prices over textbook frills like color pictures and glossy, heavy pages. International editions of textbooks often seem shrouded in mystery. Who prints them? Why are they so cheap? Will they really be sufficient to replace the required textbook? All these questions can prevent students from… Read more »

Scroll Over!

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In case you have not done a price comparison in a while (although why you wouldn't want the cheapest price is beyond us!), we've revamped the price comparison page. We know making our pages more user-friendly means you have an easier time finding the cheapest textbooks, so here are the new features we think you… Read more »