5 Necessities for Your Dorm Room

Headed to college? Your dorm room is going to be your humble abode for the foreseeable future so you should strive to make it as comfortable, functional, and cool as possible. What are some essential items that will make your room go from just a place to stay to a place where you can really live?

Closet Organization Tools

It’s a brutal truth that dorm rooms are tiny, and the closets are often pathetically cramped. To make the most out of the space that’s available to you, buy some tools to help get your wardrobe in order. A hanging shoe rack can keep your footwear from creating chaos, while some stackable shelves or some cheap plastic drawers are the perfect place to keep items you don’t want to hang like underwear and socks. One idea to create extra space is to use the tabs from soda cans to offset hangers.


Before you buy sheets, be sure to find out if your bed is a regular twin or a twin extra long (XL). If it’s extra long, you may have a harder time finding sheets. Shop online for sheets that fit your personality and can add some style to an otherwise dull dorm room. Buy a matching comforter and pillows so your bed becomes the decorative centerpiece of your space.

Extra tip: You should invest in at least two sets of sheets. If you spill something on your bed, you don’t want to have to make any late night runs to the laundry room.

A College-Style Kitchen

Alright. You can’t exactly buy a kitchen to go in your dorm room, but you can buy a few items that will save you from spending all your money on takeout.

  • A mini-fridge. This is the perfect place to store your drinks and your leftovers. Maybe you and your roommate can split the cost and share a small fridge.
  • A microwave. You might be surprised by how many delicious things you can make in a microwave.
  • Dishes and cutlery that won’t break. Some sturdy, plastic food storage containers are always handy, but you also want some items that are microwave-safe.

Before you buy your food supplies, check the dorm’s rules. Safety regulations might limit what you can have in the way of microwaves, hot plates, etc.

Study Materials

Of course, your textbooks are going to be your primary study tool, but you can complement your textbooks to make the experience of studying in your dorm room as easy as possible.

A lap desk and a small clip-on light will be great for those late nights when you want to sit on your bed and study with minimal disruption to your roommate. Also buy a variety of different colored pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and index cards so you can keep all your materials organized. You’re totally going to ace that exam!

Shower Supplies

Shared showers can be on the gross side, so bring shower shoes to protect your feet from fungus and other forms of ickiness. A caddy to carry all your shower supplies in will also come in handy. Don’t forget a bathrobe so you can stay covered while you’re journeying from your dorm to the shower.

Outfit your dorm with all the essentials so that it’s both functional and comfortable.

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