3 Unconventional Careers for Graduates

Job-hunting after a lifetime of education and part-time jobs can be both intimidating and frightening. The traditional process of networking, applying, interning, gaining experience, interviewing, and hopefully getting a paying position is painstaking, nerve wracking, and more uncertain than ever. If this system seems less than reliable, consider some careers on the road less traveled.

Teaching English Abroad

Teaching in the U.S. has a multitude of regulations, including various certification and degrees. Teaching abroad, however, often has less red tape. South Korea has one of the best paid opportunities when done correctly and simply requires a native English speaker with a Bachelor’s degree. On top of a decent paycheck, the programs also cover plane tickets and housing, leaving you to pocket most of your pay. Almost every region of the world has an English teaching opportunity, though many are simply a good way to fund a year abroad.

teachFor South Korea, it’s best to locate a service that places you in a public school and negotiates your contract for you. While South Korea is one of the best places to teach English, scams and unsatisfactory contracts do exist. Avoid hagwons or private schools and be sure your contract covers the ticket and housing. You do not need any teaching experience nor do you need to know Korean. There are many other countries in which new graduates can secure jobs teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) as well, including Vietnam, Taiwan, Spain, and more.

Content Writers

If you have any interest (or ability) in writing, check out a few content writing positions. As companies dig deeper into the world of blogging and social media, they find themselves in need of people who can write. Most of these positions are remote so you start work immediately and your office is your home. Rather than interviews and networking, just focus on is a collection of writing samples and consistent contact with the manager in charge.

To begin, find several positions that interest you. Craft a few writing samples specific to the content they will want as well as a tailored resume and cover letter. Identify the person in charge of hiring and send these materials to the person directly (if possible). Keep in touch but avoid becoming a nuisance.

Real Estate Agents

Becoming a real estate agent is a reasonably quick-and-easy process provided you are a self-starter with the ability to market yourself. First seek out a real estate course. The length of courses vary; some are a few intense days while others meet a few nights a week over the course of a month. Keep in mind that education and licensing requirements vary by state. Once you have passed the qualifying exam, you can focus your efforts on finding an agency to join and learning the tricks of the trade.

With the complicated ins and outs of the American job-seeking system, getting yourself on the road to traditional employment can be exhausting and discouraging. Rather than blindly flinging resumes into inboxes, take your career into your own hands. Travel abroad, craft the content that brings companies their business, or find people their dream homes. Just because you can’t see the opportunity on a job board doesn’t mean it isn’t out there.

Image via Pixabay by NgoHuuMoi

Guest Contributor James Mitchell is a freelance consultant who often volunteers with Intern Solutions, which provides resources for job training to students and helps guide young people to better career opportunities.

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