4 Tips to Staying Focused During Cold Winter Months

Studying efficiently is difficult even at the best of times. However, winter weather can especially kill productivity. Christmas celebrations mess with our regular routines, and finding our way back can be tough. But college students can’t afford extended couch sessions binging Netflix favorites. Instead, try the following tips to stay focused during the dreary winter months.

Study in a Well-Lit Area

We see less daylight during winter than summer. Even when the sun’s out, days tend to be a bit grayer and gloomier. Sunlight sends signals to your brain that wake you up. On the flip side, during the winter when sunlight appears limited, you’ll usually feel more sluggish. No wonder staying focused during the cold season is so challenging!

You can reenergize your brain by studying in well-lit spaces. Swap those late-night study sessions for daytime ones. If your dorm room doesn’t have a window, take your study sessions to a brightly lit cafe, library, or outdoors. Even some good desk lamps for your dorm will make a difference.

Maintain Healthy Habits

Studies show the average adult gains 3 pounds over the festive holidays. Healthy eating and exercise typically go out the window around Thanksgiving, and it can be hard to stop once you’ve started making bad choices. However, finding the willpower to keep healthy habits most of the time will help you focus. No one is suggesting you miss out on the pumpkin pie, but fall off the wagon completely and you’ll feel too fatigued to study.

A hearty soup can be just as comforting as fried foods and much more nourishing for your body. While winter weather isn’t inviting, going out for a run or hitting the gym fires up your brain, preparing it for focused study. Keep up your regular healthy routine to maintain the same concentration in winter as you have during warmer weather.

Sip Tea While Studying

Winter is the ideal time for indulging in a beautiful brew. Make sipping tea part of your study regime to retain focus. The tea helps your brain concentrate, stay alert, and recall facts in the short and long term. However, the more you use caffeine, the more accustomed to it the brain gets and the smaller the impact. Moderation is key.

Did you know that tea has only a small amount of caffeine? You’ll find between 25 and 48 mg in an 8-ounce cup of black tea and between 25 and 29 mg in green tea. This compares to the 95 to 165 mg found in an 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee. So do drink up during the winter months!

Keep Warm the Right Way

Staying focused is impossible when you’re cold. However, staying warm the right way is crucial. Fan and bar heaters might make you feel toasty, but they can also dehydrate you and leave you feeling tired. Instead, study in a space with central heating or use what’s around you to get warm. Layer up your clothes to stay comfortably cozy. Wrap a blanket around yourself if you’re still feeling frozen.

Don’t let your focus dip when the mercury does. These tips will keep your focus strong during those difficult winter months.

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