7 Powerful Educational Apps That Make Smartphones Valuable for Students 

Smartphones are often dismissed as a distraction to the responsibilities students have, such as school work, homework, chores, etc. While the individuals making these comments are right, they’re also wrong. After all, hundreds of student-related apps make it easier for them to complete their tasks.

For example, there are apps that help students stay focused in study sessions or help them take better notes. There are also apps that will help students maintain a healthy, low budget. There are literally hundreds of useful apps that make the cost of buying and owning a smartphone wise decision students can make for themselves.

What are some smart smartphone apps students should download to their phones?


Evernote certainly gained attention in 2021 for being one of the best note-taking apps. This app will convert notes from texts, online web content, pictures, drawings and audio documents. Once created, the notes are then stored electronically. These notes can be annotated, tagged with labels, have links attached, edited, searched, and exported to other devices, if necessary.


Many students have difficulty staying on task, especially if that task is tedious. Enter time management app Forest. It uses a creative method to keep students focused on the task and forgo the phone for a while. How does Forest manage that? Students will need to plant a tree, and the more focused the student is on their work, the more trees they collect and add to the digital forest.


Even if you don’t plan to major in math, as a student, you will have to deal with numbers and mathematics at some point. Mathway makes it easier to solve problems and helps you understand the solution to the problems.

Open Mathway, and type the problem (or take a picture of it and upload). Mathway will solve the problem, and with a step-by-step guide, you learn how the problem was solved for future reference.

Oxford English Dictionary

Leave the Oxford English Dictionary at home and use the free smartphone app phone version instead. The app offers more than 350,000 words, meanings and phrases with 75,000+ audio pronunciations for the more difficult-to-articulate words. The app offers a daily “learn a new word” feature to build your vocabulary.


Save yourself pain and time with the RefMe app. With thousands of open educational resources, the app ensures a smoother process of locating and quoting resources. When a student needs to research a particular topic, the app will help them find exactly what they need.

What makes RefMe stand out from other student-related apps is its capability to easily automate bibliographies, citations, and reference lists. This provides students more time to focus on improving their writing.


This student planner app will help keep you organized and productive and works on every device. It’s another task management app that pools your attachments, comments, projects, tasks, and others to effectively help you become more productive and finish work. Best of all, it won’t let you overlook tasks that must be done. Give each task a tag, label and filter, allowing for a much better workflow.


Students can enjoy an array of perks – freebies, discounts, etc. – all for being a student. As a reputable student-discount app, UniDays teams up with some larger-known companies to give students in college and university free discounts.


Being a 21st-century student has got some definite benefits to it. If you’re struggling in school, want to improve your productivity level, or help yourself stay on task, download any of the above smartphone apps. And, if you hear the older generation say that smartphones are the bane of existence, remind them the Dewey Decimal system is in your back pocket at all times instead of just at the library.

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