Introducing the Textbook Guru!

We’re delighted to welcome to the Web! This terrific new site covering every angle of textbooks and college learning materials is the brainchild of’s very own CEO Jeff Cohen, your guru in residence.

Jeff’s decade in the textbook industry, learning every nook and cranny, has given him the knowledge and experience to answer any and all textbook-related questions. Seriously, the dude knows more about textbooks — buying books, selling textbooks back for cash or credit, textbook rentals, supplements, custom publications, new editions, international editions, academic trends, you name it — than, well, let’s just say that he knows more than any one person should know, hence the moniker Textbook Guru.

This way lies enlightenment about all things textbooks (don’t worry, the Blog isn’t going anywhere and it will still provide relevant info) and Jeff loves to help students shop smarter, find the resources they need for the best prices, and understand academic publishing and bookselling. He gives students the insider’s scoop and answers questions like:

  • What’s going on with eBooks?
  • Can the Kindle or iPad or Kno replace printed textbooks?
  • Why did the girl in front of you at buyback get $25 more than you got for the exact same book?
  • Are textbook torrents real and legit?
  • Which is the best eReader for college students?
  • Can you or your parents write off textbooks as a tax deduction?

The Textbook Guru knows the answers to these questions and many more!

So check out Jeff’s new site and let him help you answer any questions you have about textbooks, business development, education, new media, and more. Go ahead, give him your best shot!

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