Are eBooks right for me? (part 1)

Lately there has been quite a bit of press about eBooks.  Like all things in life there is a positive and a negative to the subject.  In essence the idea of eBooks is a great one.  Let’s face it; nobody enjoys lugging 20 pounds of textbooks across campus on a hot day, or really any day.  I might be overly simplifying the subject but it’s that very idea that has had many people begging for eBooks for over a decade now.  There really are a number of reasons for all sorts of people to get behind eBooks.  Conservationists love the fact that eBooks consume zero paper and result in zero trees being cut down.  Publishers love the fact that it costs nothing for them to ship eBooks.  If you don’t like lugging around that 10 pound biology textbook, how would you like to pay the shipping costs for a truckload of them?  It doesn’t stop there.  Think about the sheer volume of space that is dedicated to warehousing all those hundreds of books.  For a reader the eBook has even greater advantages.  Having trouble reading the small font of the text, with the click of a button you can increase the size.  How nice would it be to go on vacation and bring your textbooks with you without having to lug them all in your suitcase?  With eBooks you can simply download your texts and not have to worry about bringing all those heavy texts along.

By: Dan Russell

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