5 Best Fall Break Destinations

While spring break gets most of the attention, you don’t have to spend fall break huddled up in your dorm room with your nose in a book. It’s called a study break for a reason — it’s an opportunity to clear your head, de-stress, and indulge with your friends. If you’re planning a fall-break trip, consider one of these epic destinations.

New York City

If you can’t wait to cut loose over fall break but you don’t want the complete absence of cerebral pursuits, New York City offers the perfect combination of entertainment and education. Spend your days visiting the city’s amazing museums or touring the impressive art galleries, then get dressed up at night for the theater or a few of Manhattan’s hottest clubs. Book an inexpensive hotel room and share it with a few friends. Eat great food, take long walks in Central Park, and take mad selfies in Times Square. If you get the chance, don’t forget to give Lady Liberty a wave while you take a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry.

San Francisco

If you’re stuck in a city where winter comes early every year, break out and get a dose of mild weather and spectacular scenic vistas in San Francisco. Tour the Bay Area from a cable car and take a gander at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Eat something sweet at Ghirardelli Square then walk off the calories as you tour the winding hilly streets full of fascinating history, architecture, and people.

South Padre Island

Hitting South Padre for spring break can mean expensive airfare, costly hotel rooms, traffic-clogged roads, and crowded beaches. If you visit during fall break, however, you’ll still enjoy the crystal-clear water without the extra hassle. Take a kayak out on the water or sunbathe on the sand. Every night, local bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues come alive. You’ll meet more locals than travelers, which means a more authentic experience.

Las Vegas

Even if you aren’t old enough to slide a coin into a slot machine, you can find plenty to keep you entertained in Las Vegas. The shows alone make a trip to the Strip worthwhile, especially if you love music or magic. When you need a long walk to clear your mind, the minimalist desert landscape offers the ideal retreat.


For students who want a more low-key fall-break destination, Carlsbad New Mexico delivers in more ways than one. Visit the caverns themselves to explore subterranean havens that allow you to forget about the world above. The national park offers plenty of outdoorsy adventures to keep you occupied, while Sitting Bull Falls is the perfect place to meditate and relax.

No matter how you imagine your perfect fall-break escape, one of these destinations will satisfy your needs. Call your pals, book the flight, and pack your bags — school will still be there when you get back, refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the semester.


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