Bookmark This: Dorms 101

In the latest installment of our Bookmark These blog series, we focus our attention on the new and rapidly growing Dorms 101 website. Here’s the scoop:

Dorms 101: Your Guide to College Dorm Life!


The Deal in a Nutshell: Dorms 101 is a robust site for students living in university housing. While the site is geared toward those living in the dorms, there’s plenty of quality content for all students, even those living off campus.

About: “ is the largest and most complete online source for tips, tricks, and advice on making the most out of your experience living in the dorms. This site is unique in the fact that it is written for students and parents of students who live in the dorms, or are about to be living in a college dorm room. Dorm life will be the single biggest social time of a student’s life — and Dorms 101 is your guide to making the most of it.”

What You’ll Find on the Site: Tips, tricks, and advice on:

  • Safety and security
  • Style, decorating and designing your dorm room
  • Meeting new neighbors and making new friends
  • Studying in an environment that can be more than a little distracting
  • Getting along with roommates and floormates
  • Transitioning into — and eventually out of — the dorms
  • Food, food storage, cooking, grocery shopping, and nutrition
  • Budgets and finances
  • Dealing with parents and how to help parents deal with your college time
  • How to have fun and make the most of the college and campus experiences

Why We Dig It: Dorms 101 looks really promising and poised for big things. While Dorms 101 is new and there’s not vast a ton of articles and posts, the stuff that is there is good and the site is set up in a very smart and scalable way to allow for ample growth. As well, Dorms 101 covers a vast amount of topical territory and the set-up encourages a lot of user participation and interactivity in the forms of comments, surveys, Twitter updates, Facebook and MySpace presences, and feeds. These folks definitely want visitors informed and involved.

Bonus Bit o’ Cool: In addition to loving the ways in which Dorms 101 works to create a user community (an essential part of Web 2.0), we also give props to Dorm 101 for showing as well as telling. The site has a lot of nice multimedia in the forms of sweet videos and a Flickr photostream.


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