Choosing Between In-Person or Online Tutoring

You’ve got a part-time job, a full college course load, and you’re on your way. But that calculus class is turning out to me a really tough nut to crack. In order to maintain your grade point average, and save your mental energy for everything else, it may be time to try tutoring.


In the old days, in-person tutoring was your only option. In the digital age, you have a wide variety of tutoring choices. So how do you choose between in-person and online tutoring? Weigh the pluses and minuses of each tutor type before choosing, or try both to decide which is best for you.


In-Person Tutoring – Personal Face Time


The obvious advantage of an in-person tutor is proximity. Your tutor is literally there for you, in the same room. Your tutor knows your school’s individual curriculum and its teachers. An in-person tutor also gets to know you and your study habits over time.


Online tutors communicate with you over Skype, but that’s not the same as personal human interaction, and today’s digital devices separate us more often than bring us together. You’ll develop a working relationship with your in-person tutor, and they will quickly identify your learning habits and adjust their tutoring methods to help you.


But what if your tutor is ill and you need to cram for the mid-term math test? Or maybe your other courses pushed you into a corner, and you need help immediately. In-person tutors are great for a fixed schedule over time, but when push comes to shove, online tutors are available any time.


Online Tutoring — Convenience


Convenience is the biggest advantage of an online tutor. A digital world of online tutors awaits when you need last-minute help for that major test, or just need to shuffle your busy schedule. Online tutoring agencies match your needs with a wide range of skilled tutors, 24 hours a day.


Online Tutoring — Choice


An online tutoring agency matches the experts with the students. You choose the schedule, the agency finds your tutor. Your math tutor may not be able to help you with your French homework, so find two tutors in one agency, even if they are miles apart.


Maybe you really want to get into a certain University. Find an online tutor alumnus from your chosen school to get the best-qualified tutor, one who knows your school from top to bottom. You also have regular access to your online tutor, even if one of you moves to another city.


Online Tutoring – Expertise


Most tutoring agencies rigorously screen their tutors to find the people best qualified for the job. This means you can always turn to another expert for help if your regular tutor is ill.


Finally, it all comes down to you. How do you learn best? Do you love software and digital solutions? Do you prefer personal meetings? Some tutoring agencies claim there is no difference between screen time and face time, but beyond the marketing message, only you know what’s best for you. The best way to find out is to try both types of tutor.


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