Young Entrepreneurs Should Still Look at College

It might be tempting (with the high cost of going to college and the fear of student loan debt) for aspiring entrepreneurs to consider not going to college. However, there are many benefits of going to school and getting a degree, even for those who are entrepreneurially minded.

Build a Network

No matter whether you want to start a business or just become an employee, college is the place to build your network. In college, your network will expand exponentially as you meet new friends (did someone say potential co-founder?), get to know professors, intern with established businesses, and create connections with other professionals.

Build your network well, and your business will be off the ground running and fully funded before you know it.

Get Educated

Starting a new company is no easy feat, and there’s more to it than creating the next big tech invention. Start-ups need capital, a founder with business know-how, and a great product.

College classes can help you get the education you need through business or entrepreneurship classes or any field of study you like. Even if you’re not taking classes in a particular subject, you have access to student groups where you can gain knowledge.

Job Security

You never know where life will take you or what path you’ll choose to follow. Having a degree can remove roadblocks from the path and make traversing life just a little bit easier. A degree is something good to put on your resume that will encourage employers to hire you and trust your skills. It never hurts to have a fall-back plan as an entrepreneur.

Like-Minded People

Going to college will expose you to like-minded people to join your network. This happens in a few ways.

Most professors are academicians and researchers. This means they’re interested in the cutting-edge “what’s next”. There’s a lot of overlap between researchers and entrepreneurs. You’ll also be surrounded by young students, a fantastic population for testing out new ideas or products.

The access you have to these audiences while in college is access that’s given to no other group of entrepreneurs. Once you leave campus, accessing these groups becomes a little bit harder. As an alumnus of a college, you’ll have slightly more access than someone who didn’t go to college.

Great Resources

Attending a college gives you access to more than just human resources. You also have access to fast internet connections, a wealth of research knowledge, and other resources.

Part of your tuition goes to fund your access to these resources, so you might as well use them often!

All these benefits make the cost of college worth it for those who are interested in starting their own businesses. You can’t be an entrepreneur in a vacuum, and college can give new entrepreneurs benefits such as resources, networks, and the knowledge necessary to successfully start their dream businesses.

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