A Deal Too Good Not to Share!

Obviously we at CampusBooks.com love getting more stuff for less cash. It’s not just textbooks that we think should be affordable, it’s everything. And honestly, most stuff can be purchased at a discount if you know where to go and how to look for savings and apply them. We do, and we want you to as well.

That said, today we’re passing on a sweet deal from CollegeBudget.com (think Groupon but with stuff that college students actually want and can use). Anyway, today’s deal is awesome — $25 for $50 worth of clothes and accessories in American Apparel stores. The best part is that while the deal is for in-store purchases, AA seems to understand that not every student in every college town has an American Apparel store nearby or transportation to a store a little farther away, so they’ve provided an online version of the deal. Well done, American Apparel and CollegeBudget.com, well done.

So what will you shop for? Us, well, it’s the new year so that means shedding that holiday weight we gained and committing to getting back in shape. We’ll be getting spring duds a size smaller than usual as incentive to drop those pounds in time for warmer weather.

Happy new year and enjoy your deal!

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